Sunday, 19 August 2012

S O M E W H E R E B E Y O N D T H E S E A .

Hello! So I've had a pretty busy week and week-end! Between working and shopping and just hanging out with friends! Wednesday I was in down town Montreal shopping on St-Catherine's street and I bought a couple items from H&M and Forever 21. Last night I went to a party and today I took it easy with my family and decided to take this passenger boat ride t a near by lake. It's really pretty! Oh and on top of that, I went to a La Senza and I found the best deals ever since the store was closing! I would say I had a very product day... Let's make that a very product week!
Next up for the next 6 days is to pack and get ready for my big move to Toronto!! :)
Hope you guys had a productive week!
P.S. My dad wants to get a sail boat now... :p


  1. Cute pictures & great blog! :)

  2. These pictures are so lovely!:) your week sounds super fun too!

    xoxo Eeva