Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I T S T A R T E D W I T H A W H I S P E R .

I went to the post office today to send a student loan application! This is really happening! :o I'm so very nervous! It's crazy... So I'm going through a couple university orientation week activities now. It's really exciting! In leas then a month I will be moved into my residence room in Toronto! I'm anxious to meet new people... This upcoming year is going to be an interesting one!
Have a great evening!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The bittersweet between my teeth...

Hi!! So last night I had a good 12 hours of sleep. I now feel refreshed and excited! I didn't do much but relax today though... But I may be going out for supper with my parents tonight! :)
Have a nice evening!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Two Favourite Products.

Hi everyone! This week-end I went to Kingston and had an "okay" time. The best part was probably the fact that I bought a new dress at H&M. I really can't wait to wear it!
Now to the subject of my post... For the last couple mouths I have been using a couple new products and I've fallen in love with two in specific. Girst there is the "Bioderma Sébium H2O". I use this product to remove my make-up. It cleanses and purifies your skin without drying it. It is also Hypo-Allergenic. I have really sensitive skin so that is an important detail that I pay attention to when buying cleansers. This Sébium removes my make-up very well! So if your looking for a good make-up remover I would suggest this one!
Secondly, I have officially fallen in love with Marcelle's BB Cream! (BB sands for Beauty Balm, if you didn't know :p) This product makes my morning routine shorter by replacing the following products: a lightweight moisturizer, a tinted corrector, and a make-up base. It also has self-adjusting pigments to match your akin colour! But what I love the most about Marcelle's BB Cream is the 8 multi-benefits it includes:
1- Evens out skin tone
2- Offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits
3- Protects from premature aging and environmental stresses
4- Promotes skin regeneration
5- Controls shine
6- Soothes and calms
7- Reduces the appearance of imperfections
8- Provides anti-dull radiant complexion
On top of all of this, the brand Marcelle is known for creating Hypo-Allergenic products, so it is great for sensitive skin!
These two products are by far my all time favourite and I work as a cosmetician at a local pharmacy and I always suggest these products to my costumers! So I say you should take a look at them if you haven't already...
I hope you have a great night!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hello thursday afternoon.

So I'm about to make some craft dinner with my sister. Oh god! Let's hope that goes well. I'm not the brightest person when it comes to the kitchen! Wish me luck.
On a different note, you know when you found something that you forgot you lost? Well that happened to me this morning! I found some make up brushes that I had bought a while back ago... What a start to my day!
Well I hope everybody is having a great day.
Side note: Check out these bad boys. ;) I love these brushes + they are eco friendly. Yay for the environment!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What a year so far!

Hello! What have I've been up to? Well for starters I went to go watch the movie "Ted" yesterday... It was very funny! Oh and I recently downloaded the Tarzan soundtrack. That's all I've been listening to! Ahh Phil Collins...
Well today, I was talking to one of my friends about our up coming school year! He is only going to a local college but we were letting out all our worries about venturing out on our own! Then I decided to count down the days before I move into my residence room... There are 39 days till I'm gone! It's crazy how time goes by so fast... So then I started thinking about my year so far. Now that I think about there are a lot of positive that eliminate the negatives! I guess I can say that my year has been pretty good! I guess graduating high school was the cherry on my sunday! But it was more of a bittersweet moment... To be honest I really enjoyed my high school years and I hopefully will not forget about them.
Anyways... Have a good night!
P.S Here are soon pictures that I have taken this year on some of my favourite moments.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Time for a trim!

Heyyy everyone! I'm at the hair dressers in down town Montreal right now. So here I am sitting in the waiting seats for my hair dresser to be ready for me, and while I'm sitting here I'm doing a bit of people watching. It's actually quite interesting! This place is filled with interesting people with wild characters... I just thought of it now, I must like a total stalker just staring at everybody. :o Oh well, it's funny anyways! Now I'm more worried of getting off my chair for my hair cut though... These chairs are made of leather and I'm wearing a pair of short shorts... And I already feel my skin sticking to the chair! That's not going to be too pretty when I get up! My skin is going to be all red under my butt! :o bahahahaha. Well maybe I will blog later, but right now I'm laughing with some of these hair dressers (to be honest I have no clue what this guy just said to me but I just giggle and laughed with him)!
Have a great afternoon!
(And yes I just took a picture of the hair dresser I don't understand... I'm a secret stalker!)
Oh and one more thing! One thing I dislike about the hair dressers is the fact that I have to take off my glasses so she can cut my hair... But then I can't see what she's doing! It's kinda frustrating! What can do? Oh well I can get contacts lol.

Friday, 13 July 2012

The more I see, the less I know.

Hi there! I hope you guys are having a great friday night! I wish I was doing something more interesting... I kinda had plans but they didn't work out. So instead I'm sitting in my room on my laptop and I'm "social networking" baha. Oh and let's not forget I have a whitening strips in my mouth so I can't talk like an average human being at the moment.
I just put my iTunes on shuffle an the first song that decides to play is "snow (hey oh)" by the Chilli Peppers. I love this song... :)
So I'm probably going to go to bed soon! Like I said before, I hope you guy had a nice night! :)
Good night,
P.S Here is a picture of one of my favourite quotes

Thursday, 12 July 2012

I wanna be drunk when I wake up.

Hello! I'm happy to say that I've figured everything out for my university payments! I'm a very happy girl today! To celebrate I'm having a friend over for lunch! This is going to be fun!
So lately the only album I seem to be listening to is the "+" by Ed Sheeran. And my favourite song off the album so far is "Drunk" (hence the title of this post), you guys should check it out!
Oh I was really excite yesterday when I found a couple new essie nail polish bottles in my collection! I had forgotten that I had bought these colours on liquidation. Which made me very happy! So i decided to paint my nails today. :)
Have a great afternoon.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Whata mornin'

Heyyyy! What's up? Well I'm sooooo stressed out right now. It's crazy! I woke up early today to deal with university payments! I don't want to sound dumb here, but these university web sites are really complicated at times! It's like you need a bachelors degree just to understand what you are doing on these sites! But I finally found one of many help numbers and got everything figure out! Now it's time for me to relax and maybe plan something for this evening. Maybe a movie night? I really feel like watching Magic Mike again, but my friends not up for it. What I really feel like doing right now is going back to Mont-Tremblant where I spent my lat week-end. I relaxed by the pool and chilled in the village, all while listening to blues (since there's the blues festival going on there). Anyways! I'm probably gonna take a shower and take it easy for the rest of the afternoon!
Have a nice day!!
P.S Here are a couple pictures of my week-end!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Hi! So I finally decided that I would officially become a blogger today. Yes, I am going to try and take the time write about useless and important things in my life. You guys probably couldn't care less and as your reading this right now you are probably bored out of your mind. But I will try and create more interesting post, as I plan to blog daily (well I will try).
But let's start of with the basics... My name is Sarah. I am soon going to be a student at Ryerson university in Toronto.
Well that is pretty much what I wanted to say in this post! I hope you guys all had a good evening!!