Saturday, 14 July 2012

Time for a trim!

Heyyy everyone! I'm at the hair dressers in down town Montreal right now. So here I am sitting in the waiting seats for my hair dresser to be ready for me, and while I'm sitting here I'm doing a bit of people watching. It's actually quite interesting! This place is filled with interesting people with wild characters... I just thought of it now, I must like a total stalker just staring at everybody. :o Oh well, it's funny anyways! Now I'm more worried of getting off my chair for my hair cut though... These chairs are made of leather and I'm wearing a pair of short shorts... And I already feel my skin sticking to the chair! That's not going to be too pretty when I get up! My skin is going to be all red under my butt! :o bahahahaha. Well maybe I will blog later, but right now I'm laughing with some of these hair dressers (to be honest I have no clue what this guy just said to me but I just giggle and laughed with him)!
Have a great afternoon!
(And yes I just took a picture of the hair dresser I don't understand... I'm a secret stalker!)
Oh and one more thing! One thing I dislike about the hair dressers is the fact that I have to take off my glasses so she can cut my hair... But then I can't see what she's doing! It's kinda frustrating! What can do? Oh well I can get contacts lol.

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